The Gate Keeper’s: John, from Lucas Group talks about Recruiting Veterans: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 17

John, from talks about recruiting Veterans from around the country, for their next career.

John has his own website where he lists, the jobs that John posts are broken down by region and the description for each job is put in a language that veterans can understand.

John, a Marine Corps Veteran himself, is an outstanding advocate for companies hiring veterans. John and his team will help any veteran with their resume, interview preparation and even help you to understand what is a reasonable compensation offer.

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The Gate Keeper: Charles, with Conaway Electrical Service, Inc. in Lagrange, GA: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 15

Charles with Conaway Electrical Service, Inc. tells us exactly what Conaway is looking for in perspective employees, what the culture at Conaway is like and what future employees can expect when it comes to Compensation and Incentives.

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Position Applying For / Qualifications / Hourly Pay Scale

– Apprentice Electrician Class I: Entry Level position up to AE II Position ($10-$12/hr)

– Apprentice Electrician Class II: Installation of EMT/GRC up to 1″ and make power connections up to 600 VAC under JE I supervision ($12-$15/hr)

– Journeyman Electrician Class I: Installation of EMT/GRC up to 3″ and make power connections up to 600 VAC under JE II supervision ($15-$20/hr)

– Telecommunications Journeyman: Installation and Connections of Copper Cat 3 voice and Cat 5 & 6 Data Cabling ($15-$20/hr)

– Journeyman Electrician Class II: Installation of EMT/GRC up to 3″ and make power, up to 600 VAC, and industrial motor control connections ($16-$22/hr)

– Leadsman Electrician: JE II requirements and able to lead a crew of up to 6 ($18-$23/hr)

– Industrial Controls Technician: JE II requirements and skilled in the implementation of PLC, Drives, and Programmable Controllers ($18-$25/hr)

– Foreman Electrician: Leadsman requirements and able to manage a crew of up to 12 ($20-$26/hr)

The Ribbon Committee: Janine Shares Her Experience from Army Spouse, Through Transition: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 4

Janine tells us about how she went from a girl in Germany who had never left her hometown, to her life as an Army Spouse. From deployments, to a change of duty station through their transition and staying together when times got tough.