The Ribbon Committee: Jennifer, from Army Brat, to Military Spouse and Military Mom: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 18

Jennifer, has experienced multiple sides of the military, from the time she was born. She grew up with a Mother that was a Captain in the Air Force and her Father was a Command Sergeant Major in the Army.

Once she graduated from high school, she married into the Coast Guard and spent 21 years as a Military Spouse.

Now, two out of her three children have also joined the military.

Jennifer has experienced more than most and her journey of supporting the members of the military continue to this day. Jennifer, a daughter, a spouse, and now the Mother of Warriors, continuing the tradition of defending America.

Jennifer is the definition of a Patriot.

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The Ribbon Committee: Angela shares her Lifelong Experience from Military Spouse to Military Mom: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 12

Angela, married into the Marines, then became an Army Wife, she has dealt with her husband being deployed to provide humanitarian relief to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, OIF 06-08 & OIF 08-09. She shares her real life experiences and what expectations are key to survival in the stress filled world of being a Military Spouse.

The Ribbon Committee: Janine Shares Her Experience from Army Spouse, Through Transition: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 4

Janine tells us about how she went from a girl in Germany who had never left her hometown, to her life as an Army Spouse. From deployments, to a change of duty station through their transition and staying together when times got tough.