A Grunt’s Eye View: Mike, an Active Duty Infantryman Talks about His Career Up to This Point: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 14

Mike, a Paratrooper talks about his 17 years as an Infantryman. Mike is still serving, and has major physical and mental setbacks throughout his career, but he is still trucking.

A Grunt’s Eye View: Dan, from West Point to Special Forces…then MIT and Harvard: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 10

Dan, a West Point graduate, Army Infantry Platoon Leader, Special Forces Officer, then upon separation from the Army, MIT and the Harvard for his Masters degrees.

How to ask for help, how to keep looking forward and what to keep in mind.

A Grunt’s Eye View: Josh, from Navy Corpsman to Navy SeaBee: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 9

Josh, served 6 years as a Navy Corpsman assigned to Marine Corps Search and Rescue teams, left the Navy to be with his family, quickly realizes his new Path in Life.

A Grunt’s Eye View: Steve Shares His Experience from Regular Infantry to Green Beret: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 8

Steve talks about his experiences starting from regular Army Infantry up to becoming and earning the Green Beret.

A Grunt’s Eye: Kel, Steve and Ox Talk about The Beginning of Their Friendship: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 7

Kel, Steve and Ox talk about their meeting at Fort Hood and Becoming Friends, Prior to their Deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006-2008.

A Grunt’s Eye View: Dylan, An Unexpected Exit from the Army: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 6

Dylan talks about his unexpected medical chapter from the Army, through his first year out and eventually attending college.

A Grunt’s Eye View: Tyler Shares His Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 5

Tyler, once a stellar Soldier to Struggling Civilian, and ultimately scaled the cliff face to find his way to becoming a happy and fulfilled Husband and Father as well as successfully navigating this new chapter of his life.

A Grunt’s Eye View: Brandon Talks About the Importance of Patience and Adapting: Out of Ranks Podcast Episode 3

Brandon, a senior level executive tells us what he did to successfully transition from Professional Door Kicker to a Business Leader.